Care training is key

Care training is key

Posted by admin on February 3,2020

There seems to be a common misconception that people who work in social care are not as well trained, or are somehow less important, than people who work in the NHS. Nothing could be further from the truth.

At Cornwall Care, our number one priority is looking after people – either in their own homes or in one of ours. Each and every one of those people is an individual with their own specific needs and, when it comes to nursing and caring, one size never fits all.

Staff are our most important asset and keeping them professionally up-to-date and well trained is a key part of our organisational ethos. That’s why, unlike most care providers, we have our own 15-strong, in-house training team who are qualified to assess, as well as deliver, formal qualifications. It’s also the reason behind our decision to launch Cornwall Care Academy in partnership with Cornwall College this spring.

From March, our learning and development department will be based at the college where our trainers will help teach students considering a career in the industry, as well as running courses to continue upskilling our staff and staff from other companies.

I believe it’s time to start publicly acknowledging the amazing dedication, commitment and expertise of those involved in supporting our elderly and vulnerable.

Their jobs are every bit as critical as those working in our hospitals, so isn’t it about time we gave them the respect and acknowledgement their vocation deserves?