The garden regeneration project at St Breock has started to take shape.

The garden regeneration project at St Breock has started to take shape.

Posted by admin on June 28,2018

We have been working hard with our colleagues to raise funds and apply for grants to start to redevelop the garden area.

The regeneration project was created because the current garden space was very limited for wheelchair use and not at all dementia friendly so we started by contacting Wadebridge Lions in February who kindly donated a cheque for £500 which allowed us to remove the large rockery in the grass area of the garden.

Since then we've had another generous donation of £500 for the decking materials from Pippa Bishop whose aunty (recently deceased) loved being outside. Along with these donations, central office forwarded £500 towards the cost from previously donated funds to go towards labour of the project.

We recently held a wedding fayre which raised £270 towards the project as well and we’re delighted to say that the decking was completed on Friday 15th June. This has already made a huge impact on the lives of our residents and their families. The works were carried out by Graham Tiplady who came highly recommended by Pippa Bishop.

We want to increase the size of the garden area and are still working very hard to raise funds to allow more works to be done. The Mayor of Wadebridge, Phil Mitchell – who attended our wedding fayre and is also a Wadebridge Lion - informed us of a yearly grant which is available. He helped us to apply and we were lucky enough to be accepted for this £500 grant.

The decking is looking great as you can see from the photos shown and we are now planning on erecting a plaque in memory of Pippa’s aunty, Joan Bishop. Thank you to all the donors, we couldn’t have achieved so much without you.

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