Raising money with appalling drawings

Raising money with appalling drawings

Katy Finnimore is, by her own admission, an awful artist. Originally with aspirations to work in the legal sector and now a fundraiser with Cornwall Care, she’s the last person you’d expect to be creating pictures. Yet that is exactly what Katy, from Pensilva, is doing and, for just £3, anyone can commission one of her appalling drawings.

Beauty has always been in the eye of the beholder and most of us will have occasionally pondered a canvas said to be worth millions, wondering if a child couldn’t perhaps do better.

Katy has no pretensions in the budding artist department. She knows what she produces faces strong competition in a classroom – and that’s exactly the point.

What she draws is simplistic, often silly and hopefully makes people laugh – all for a very good cause.

“The idea is that someone posts me a photo of a person, pet or whatever on our Facebook page and, for £3, I create my own, very simplified, version,” said Katy.

“I’m definitely not pretending to be any kind of Picasso. Quite the opposite! It’s a fun way of raising money for Cornwall Care, a charity that does amazing work supporting vulnerable people of all ages.

“This last year has been very hard for everyone and I’m delighted when one of my awful drawings helps raise a smile or giggle. As well as raising much-needed funds, that’s what this is all about. Having a good laugh!”

To find out more, visit @AppallingDrawings on Facebook.