Supportive Lifestyles

Our Supportive Lifestyles service provides bespoke care and support for people with complex needs and diagnoses. This includes mental health care and care for those with both learning and physical disabilities.

We tailor each package of support to meet each individual’s needs. We are very flexible and happy to provide care and support for individuals either in their own home or in one of our 16 care homes across Cornwall.

Cornwall Care Supported Living Types of Care Image.jpgWe support people with a wide variety of needs. These include personal care, medication management and interaction with community activities, as well as supporting individuals with managing their lives within their own home. Our bespoke, person-centred packages assist with the management of mental health, and physical and learning disabilities, on a day-to-day basis.

Here at Cornwall Care, we understand that our clients want to lead their own active, supported lives and we facilitate our clients to engage in their wider community, always offering opportunities to undertake activities they would like to participate in. This includes shopping, budgeting and attending appointments, with a focus on developing positive relationships with family members, friends and the wider community.

We are so fortunate to be based in 16 areas across the beautiful county of Cornwall, and care home residents regularly participate in activities such as visiting Cornwall’s stunning landmarks, attractions and events.

We care for our clients and, because we understand that everyone is individual, we ensure that our person-centred vision and bespoke support packages provide the right support to everyone. Working with our clients and supportive partners, we ensure that each individual is encouraged, supported and able to access as much independence as their circumstances allow.

We have 13 apartments throughout Cornwall, each offering a safe, clean and homely environment. For more information, please contact the Cornwall Care Support Office on 01872 597777 and ask for Supportive Lifestyles.